Chapter 3

Jamal woke up yawning;the lion was still napping.From behind the graves he could hear bulgering voices. He hid.Staring in front,he could see a pride of officers and guard dogs trying to hunt down something or someone… Jamal budged the lion awake.She woke up with a happy face and licked him on the hand with her bright,pink tongue.He covered the lion’s mouth with his finger so there was no noise.


Crawling into a warehouse,Jamal had moved the lion forward.Quietly,he caught up to her.Crouching down,they hid behind boxes.Scaredly, he put a rock in front of them so that they won’t get caught.


Seconds later, someone had entered the warehouse.They froze, he could sense that the guards were listening.Torches and lamps filled the darkness; shadows beamed;they began to search.Risking it, footsteps came closer.A cold windy scent swooped through the open door.Shivering,Jamal had jumped into the lion’s fur. They kept on waiting until the guards had gone.


It seemed like days, but it had only been 2–3 hours since the guards had left. It was the night now and,randomly,the lion had spoken to Jamal… in Spanish! Their brains crushed into one as she explained she needed to find a bridge.A bridge leading to her own metaverse where she was safe.


Jamal had thought it was the London bridge. There was something getting built that was filled with metal liquid.Horrified,he checked her wound.It was still dripping;she seemed worser.The bridge would take a long time… and they would have to be cautious. He thought if they would make it.


Jamal knew that everybody would be worried but he couldn’t turn back now.He had to find the bridge before he even thought about how he was planning on getting home.So it was only the shadows,that could see the boy and the lion, walking through the streets.They made their way alley by alley, avoiding people, stuck in a deadly game of dog and cat…

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