Chapter 3: The gateway

Pierre woke startled; the elephant slept on. In the garden, he heard a loud  noise. Squinting through the gaps, he could make out three large men who broke down the fence.Pierre jabbed  the elephant. She layed in the coldness and focused her dark brown eyes on him. He pulled a finger to his lips to indicate they should be quiet. Deep voices roared commands; the elephant let out a cry; Pierre gasped.


Because they couldn’t stay where they were, he got up and took the elephant to the kitchen. Opening the largest cupboard Pierre signalled to get in. Once closing the door, he hid behind a counter near the entrance. 


All of a sudden, somebody opened the door. There was silence, as if someone was trying to listen in. Wood torches (which were blinding) filled the darkness; footsteps rumbled; the guards began to hunt. Risking a glimpse, Pierre watched raven shadows shifting and sensed wintry ice blowing through. Trembling, he cuddled into the elephant’s trunk. They should be able to wait till the guards leave.


While waiting he started thinking of where the gateway could be. St Peter’s Church! Surely it had to be there. He tried to remember if he had seen a gate there. He had,- a black flowered one- at the very back in the first room on the right. He then told the elephant that he knew where the gate could be.


Twenty minutes later, Pierre checked if any guards were there. The elephant followed hi m out to the main room. They went to the back door and walked into a forest. This forest was one of the biggest so it was easy to hide in.

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