Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Realising he’d slept with a Komodo Dragon, which had its eyelids closed.He tried to nudge it awake. Eventually when the Komodo Dragon did wake up it snorted at Adam grumpily.They stayed in the hiding place they were at until they agreed to hide in an alleyway about 2 minutes to get there.


Whilst, they were in their spot (New spot).They could hear people in the abandoned factory.It was a man, accompanied by others.When they saw a man Adam pulled a tarpaulin over the top of them, Quietly and Quickly. 


Torchlights divided the ebony darkness.It took about half an hour for them to finally leave and by then the Komodo Dragon and Adam were bored and tired by then. 


Because Adam had an idea where the gateway could be. He knew that it had to be a place, a place no-on would enter, an abandoned place no-one would dare visit.He glanced at the Komodo Dragon’s wound. It was still bad and he knew it would be a long walk.


Adam knew his family would be worrying about him, but the thing was he had to find the gateway for the Komodo Dragon. A Komodo and a boy slinking through the darkness trying to find the gateway.

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