finding the gateway

 Chapter 3


Jo woke up confused and tired and voices started to approach him and the bear.So Jo nudged the bear to wake him up,they then quietly hid behind some hay stacks hoping to not get caught.


They could hear the guards getting closer so they decided to move to a better hiding spot.They went to the back of the barn.Unfortunately,there was a wall of crates piled on top of eachother making Jo and the bear jump out of the window, they hid under the window frame.


Quickly, Jo and the bear had no regrets for moving as the guards were creeping around the barn shooting at the hay stacks.Until, Jo coughed and everything went silent there was no shooting or talking.Jos heart dropped and the footsteps were getting louder and quicker.They had been found.


Jo had adrenaline running through his veins as he sprinted away from the barn to the caffe and stopped to eat a snack.Just as he finished he heard someone talking about a muselium that is ancient and close to them which led Jo to believe that is the gateway.


Jo and the bear walked past the caffe, past the walled garden, past the pond and down the hill.They had finally made it to the muselium and hopefully found the gateway.They hesitantly entered the mausoleum but what they saw made Jo’s jaw drop.

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