chapter 3

Chapter 3


At that moment, Tony woke up feeling tired and scared. He could hear talking outside. He was in the bathroom lying on the cold, damp floor,which smelled bad,.The lion was lying in the bath. He unlocked the door and looked out to see if anyone was out there because he wasn’t sure. The lion woke up. Tony knew they needed to move as there was nowhere to hide. He saw there was a bedroom 

next door.


Then he went to the bedroom with the lion.When they left the bathroom they heard something so they hid. The guard came to the front door. Tony hid beside the bed (which had lots of dust) then he found lots of blankets in the cupboard and Tony went in them.


Tony sat quietly and he knew where the gateway was, but he felt goosebumps like someone here so how were they going to get out of the house?


 There was a light coming from the stairs. He knew the guard called for more back up so he ran to the back broken window and jumped off in the bush then rushed to the graveyard church,he went into the graveyard church.   

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