Margarida’s risky adventure Chapter 3

Margarida slowly awakened, hearing banging noises from outside. Panicking, she rapidly stood up and realised she was still in the old shed. She looked over to the panther – who was performing some sort of ritual – and smiled. 

“Open the noor!” commanded a loud voice from outside, “I know you’re in here!”. Margarida was just about to speak when the panther put its paws up to its mouth, indicating to Margarida that they should both be quiet and still. 


They both crawled to hide behind some wooden crates. Crouching down, Margarida leaned over the top crate and stared. There was complete silence….


Suddenly, the door burst open and both the panther and Margarida paused. As the moon began to rise, the guard stepped inside. There was a flash of silence, a sense of someone listening. Beams of light sliced the shadows; floorboards creaked; the guards began to hunt. Risking a glance, Margarida saw shadows conveying and felt a sharp, cold wind trickle through the open door. Trembling, she cuddled up against the panther’s lovely fur. They could hold back until the guards had given up.


“We must move to a better location to hide,” whispered the panther. So they waited until the guards had gone. They made their way to the town square and stared in shock at what lay in front of their eyes.


“W-What is that!?” asked Margarida as she gazed at the blood red angel floating above the ground.

“That would be the portal angel, I have been searching for all these years!” said the panther in excitement. 


“Lets go then!” said Margarida as she got up.

“No No No! There are cameras everywhere! We must wait for the right time!” roared the panther. 

“Hey!” shouted a voice from behind them, “That’s them! That’s the panther!” ……

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