abandon temple

Hardly daring  breath, zain  crushed  down walked  into  the abandon tample  , at the momment  he saw angent  old ritten. He  heard  demond  toch  the ritteng . sharkngly  he  seen  demond were  free  the wind pushed him in to the demond relm . Out side  he  had seen  drakness people ,animals and creaturs  he went into the  inside  the billding there was shodows  blood were  every were . some thing  happend   There wasc heart  zain  got his sword  but  but thed  had  came  sore  his wold   the dwmonds  came into to there house  got reddy to fight   zain got reddy to fight  he had  kil, the heart  the wold had came  buttfull  as  a wish zain was in hospitall  after he all better . there was happyness  .

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