Chapter 4

The town walls, which were built a long time ago, encircled the streets in a ring of protective stone. At each compass point, north, south, east and west. There had been an old ancient that had been there for years, there were five main routes away from Irvine. Through the alleys towards the ancient towns and cities of Glasgow, ayr and troon. Over the years, the gates have fell into complete nothingness and only one gateway remained, facing west towards troon. It was in the direction that Gerard and the kangaroo made their way.


The moon shined down as if it was trying to light their way. Gerard, began to worry, realising that the kangaroo was still bleeding out a lot. She began to get slower and slower moving at very slow pace; She stopped every so often, resting as the moon Shawn down.


As they were approaching the ancient gateway, Gerard heard voices shouting from far away. They were  spotted. Limping towards the gateway, the kangaroo tried to make its way all the way up the road. A stone arch in the brick wall curved round a mighty steel gate. Gerard, who could now see through,

Waited as the kangaroo approached. A shining light, which was like crystal, glowed on the other side. It darkened; the crystal river fragmented into all different shapes. It became a universe of all sorts of brilliant shapes.


A moment later , several guards approached and held them at gun point. The kangaroo, turned to face them, stood with Gerard beside her. She let out a rabid growl and so did Gerard. He felt a weird tingle in his skin as if he had the power of the kangaroo. It felt as I he was one of their kind. The kangaroo fixed her eyes and gave the guards a hard stare. The guards were scared out of their minds so they fled.

”It is time,” she said facing Gerard and they both tuned to look at the portal again. On the other side, it was no longer the road it was the gateway to a different universe that stretched on for ever and ever.

It spackled with stars of all different shapes and colour. Different planets where spotted everywhere you go. But now it was time to go  the kangaroo said its goodbyes to Gerard and then…it was all over. She was gone.


Gerard walked back along the rainy streets of Irvine wiping a single tear from his face he made his way back home to troon. On the way back to troon he stopped off at the abandoned shopping centre for one last time to draw a picture, but not just any picture a picture of a kangaroo.

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