chapter 4 the end

Riley said to the gorilla what if we try to find the gateway to your universe gorilla says I think I might know where the gateway is Riley said first we need to get out of here. The gorilla said how will we get out though Riley said is there a window gorilla says yes a lot of windows Riley said we will break the window and get out from there. The gorilla said there all quite high Riley said if u carry me while u go out the window we will be home; Gorilla said let’s do it but how are we going to break the window Riley said get a rock there all over the place.

The gorilla said start looking Riley found one right away and shouted got a rock! The gorilla came over to him and said give me it. Riley gave him it and the gorilla flung it at the window it broke gorilla said lets go and Riley hopped on his back and they were on their way. Once they were on the ground they started walking and the gorilla said I think it’s at the town walls and Riley said where’s that.

The gorilla said near Tesco’s Riley said ok let’s go when they got to Tesco’s they looked about and then they saw it and went over to it and it was a big gold gateway and. Inside it was a massive jungle and it had loads of creatures in it and palm trees and it was so sunny and the fruit on the trees and bushes looked delicious. After a look the gorilla went in and said bye and Riley said bye.

Once he went in it closed and turned into a wall again. Riley went home and his mum and dad said where have you been and Riley said I was trapped in an abandoned building and couldn’t get out. His mum and dad said the most important thing is your home and Riley went to bed and went to sleep

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