Chapter 4

10,000 years ago there had been a mighty brick wall to prevent armies from attacking Troon. At the  compass points there was four statues represent the north, east, south and west. All but one of them were destroyed, then the last statue was moved to the library gardens. The street were you found the library gardens was called dust road an odd street that looked as if it was a circle. This is the street where bobby and the eagle headed.


The suns cruel eye glared down at them as though they were unwanted bugs eating a stolen leaf from your garden. Bobby, beginning to worry noticed that the eagles cut still bled. She was moving at a slower pace; pausing every so often to take a great gulp of air.


As they approached the gateway, Bobby heard commands being bellowed through the morning air. They had been spotted. Limping forward, the great eagle hopped into the road that would take them to the gateway. An intricate statue bathed in the sunlight. Bobby could see it clearly now, the chipped bits of stone on the ground, the almost life like features, as he took it all in he gazed at the eagle slowly hopping its way towards the very statue. Slowly a circle began to form in front of the statue. Then the circle produced a breath-taking scene. Bobby could see a perfect mountain jutting out of the clouds surrounded by an infinite amount of air. A perfect home for an eagle Bobby thought. 


A moment later guards rounded the corner guns raised ready to fire. The eagle, turning to face them, stood beside Bobby. She let out a mountain shaking screech. The guards faces paled as they dropped their guns and ran. Bobby had also felt the power of that screech and was glad he was on her side.


‘It is time’ she whispered to Bobby, turning to face the gateway. ‘I will return when I am healed. And with that took of through the morning into the portal soaring over clouds towards her home. And it was then that Bobby realized he should be doing the same.


Later that day the absence of the eagle had hit him like a thunder bolt. Ten he looked up at the sky an eagles favourite place to be. And that’s when he knew the eagle could never really leave him. She would always be flying beside him, drifting in and out of his dreams and imaginations. Bobby felt older somehow but also stronger. He made his way back to the checkpoint where the guard waved him through as though he was a ghost. Things were about to change whether the empire liked it or not.

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