chapter 4

Chapter 4


   “The town walls are ancient they were made many moons ago” she said.

And there it was the gateway, it was rusted and had paint peeling off; “This is it” said Lois stopping.

“Ok now we have to do a chant”  said the wolf. “A chant?” Yes to tell the gods I am here.



“STOP RIGHT THERE!!” Said a loud deep voice. “oh no we’ve been spotted” said Lois. “Runnn!” Said Lois they were on a high speed chase well uh not really but umm.. Oh yea they ran and ran away from the guards

Eventually they stopped at the gate way they had ran in a circle . no way out now




They were surrounded “oh no” said Lois . “Wait do the chant now!! What?” Said the wolf confuzzled. “THE CHANTT!” Oh right at that moment the wolf started saying things in the Greek god language.




At that moment the gateway had a bright light coming from inside then all the paint and rust on it faded away to reveal a golden gate with diamonds on it and it opened and there was a portal with stars, galaxies, it had everything you could ever dream of, it was bright and colourful. Then the wolf said” it is time for me to go”.” No.” Said Lois. “I’ll come with you” so they stepped in to the portal and it closed behind them.







                                 The end

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  1. Good punctuation, Just remember to read over before you post otherwise well done.

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