Setting the scene

Nearby the gateway,Hailey observed the tense feeling of a shadowy voice approaching.It became a discovery.

Kneeling down,the great,big and stygian tiger proceeded towards the glimerish gateway.

The gateway had a specific detail to it.The gateway was huge,huger than any gateway,the main point to it that it was a wierd colour a colour called falu which I had never seen.

Hailey,who became more sensitive and frightened,went behind the bars and hid.

On the oposite side of the gate,there stood a beautiful lake,it was a fresh shade of blue.It was a fresh water,the cleanest and freshest water to be seen.

The sun became brighter;the lake stood there silent and calmly;the flowers started to shine up and stood out;everything,everything of the oposite side was so mesmerizing like I was in heaven.

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