The Cottage

Heading closer to the gateway, Ariella and the phoenix (Ignite) are as silent as mice tiptoeing to the entrance of the magical world.

But little did they know, shadows cast behind making it like the clouds have covered the sun.

They have been caught by a guard called Dizzy.

Ariella had the great golden winged in her arms. As they got closer it was easier.

They had no time. They hid in a bin that smelt like sweaty feet and mouldy eggs.

A gigantic “n” hangs over their heads made out of marble. And a golden gate glamorously glitters bright like the sun.

Ariella amazingly gazed through the settled cottage that had sky scrapers touching the white pearly clouds.

In the distance , Ariella caught a glimpse of blue liquid dancing around and the fabulous fish jumped out the pond like a frog.

The fish eventually stopped but, at that moment, the sky had a beautiful swirl of colors and they were made in the sky.

The golden galaxy glittered graciously.

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