Magical Managerie

Magical Managerie

Are you in great need of a helpful companion you can take on your magical adventure to Hogwarts? Do you want the best deal possible? If so you have come to the right place. Our animals are trained so that they can contain their powers to the best of their abilities. We’ve got everything you could possibly need.

At Magical Managerie we have amazing prices, highly trained pets and all of the materials that you would ever need. Did we mention our materials are everlasting! How’s that for a great deal.

You won’t find anywhere better, we have the kindest staff, world renound trainers, our shop has  beautiful interior and exterior, we’re the best why would you ever go anywhere else.

If you a witch or a wizard attending Hogwarts this year, get a 20% discount if you join our club.

Trained and raised by the top animal professors across the globe, trimmed and kept presentable at all times. Lovely café downstairs to bring your pet to and lots of little treats as well.

”The animals were just lovely, they contain their powers so well and are so friendly.”

We supply cages for transport, delicious food for your new pet and high quality merch.


5 year guarantee: If you join our club you get a 20% discount on all items all year round. Our club offers training sessions, bonding sessions and afternoon tea were you can stuff your belly as much as you like, as the food is never-ending.


Thinking of being a member

Well then remember 

20% off till December.

Come and meet us at 66 Diagon Alley we are open 9am-5pm 7 days a week. We require an upfront payment in gallions before the pet is able to be taken home, as for larger items they will be delivered right to your doorstep by our new flying van within 30 minutes. We hope to see you in shop soon!

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