Bt Murrayfield shop

Come to the BTMurrayfield shop!

Do you need an amazing rugby shirt?

Do you love supporting you Scottish rugby team?

Are you bored of watching the games on your TV?

Then come visit our shop!

 Our shop has been voted best shop in the world 40 years in a row.


Be bedazzled by our rugby shirts. Be amazed by our amazing rugby balls. Have fun with the professional players. Get the signatures and most of all, enjoy the experience.


Just in- the latest equipment, key to becoming a pro rugby player, has just arrived. The finest:

  • Rugby balls
  • Scotland strips
  • Scotland tickets
  • Workout equipment
  • Players Signatures
  • Selfies with the players
  • Tour of Murray field
  • Get on the pitch


Plus- If you have just started working here then you will be allowed to escort and be with the players to and from matches, so don’t miss out! Be ready for every and any match.


Want to play rugby?

For that there will be no fee!


Why be sneered at be England fans, when you can be celebrating in our very own bar. It has kid friendly drinks and includes meals. The drinks are usually on the house, and the Guinness is ecosite.


All purchases include:

  • A Scotland player signature 
  • A Signed notepad 
  • And a pre-match booklet to see the teams



Buy three rugby balls and get the third one free!!


We guarantee that if you come to our shop 7 days a week then you will be able to buy one item for free.


For larger items

They will be delivered by a van with the Scotland team on the front, so keep your eyes peeled.


Order now

Come visit our website at

Our phone number is 0152355937537.

Our adress is BT Murrayfield  Stadium Roseburn Street Edinburgh 

Our post code is: EH12 5PJ

In Scotland

We are open 24 hours a day.

Thank you for visiting.


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