Captain Ibrahim Ali’s diary-sunday 23 May 20 23.

This afternoon, I had split the crew into two groups to look/search for our friend.Joe, was our friend who had been stranded in the middle of nowhere.We asked people in the town to help us find him.Then we checked everywhere in the town and we looked for footsteps which could give us clues.


First, we had kept on looking for footprints.I had made sure to put little flags on the footprint so that we would not forget where we went. The streets/villages were dark, having to use the torches.Next, the light’s had turned on.


After a while, we came to a place where it was all dark and nobody was inside the building.Outside there was blood everywhere and red claws on the walls.Inside,It was haunted,scary and terrifying.


We were all nervous of what would happen to us, some people thought that our friend Joe was gone.The wind was pushing were the ocean was.Behind us there was a big half bad and half good wolf.


Luckily, itf it was 100% bad then it would have already eaten us but it did not instead it winked at us and was making his eyes look up.Which means we were to late and we had to run.


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