M.Qadri’s Diary

     Captain M.Qadri’s Diary-8 December 2019


This evening, I had to make an emergency announcement to the crew because today was the day we were going to look for our lost friend Giga Chad.We broke the crew into two different groups so it would be easier to look for him ! I made posters and printed multiple to give to people. I even told our home town what he looked like with a long nose, pointy chin and hairy eyebrows.


First, we made our way through the town of Rose Hill and every tree I saw I made sure to leave an arrow on it so it would be easier to come back from our exhausted journey. Rose Hill was magnificent with beautiful rivers and lakes. But when the sun started to set it was dark. 

Pitch black. Ghosts surrounding us , jumping into our souls. In one second it would be quiet but then the rivers moved like they were alive and trees waving their branches.


After a long time, there was a dead end and instead of a wall or tree’s blocking it, there was a cave. Outside, there were gray rocks, large muddy footsteps and claws which were as big as a dinosaur.Inside, it was pitch black except for the red fire on the walls.


All of the crew stood discussing what to do. Half the crew thought Giga Chad was eaten by some mythic exotic creature. As  we kept on thinking large footsteps and noise were coming and all of us went quiet.

Out of nowhere  a lion appears out of another future.


Thankfully, it was Musty Mufasa and this lion was so rare it could talk to humans. The creature had orange scales instead of fur and a beautiful hairy face. It talked very quietly and he understood we needed some help. So, we told him what had happened and how Giga Chad had been lost. He quickly told us some venomous goblins were arriving outside the cave and suggested we head back to the skyship so we don’t get hurt…


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