Dear diary,

Dear diary, 


This morning, I sent out my crew to search the  local grounds, 

To find my missing friend. I asked some locals if they had seen him and I also put up some notices about his height, eye colour and name. I then went off to tag along with my crew working hard to try and find clues of where he could have vanished to.


First, me and my crew made our way further and further from the edge of the rainforest making our way into the middle. I placed various markings on rocks and in the dirt so that we would make our way back out alive. The forest was creeping with insects. Bolts of light made cracks in the trees’ shadows breaking the darkness. One moment there would be complete emptiness and next, the forest’s trees seemed like they were hotels of  birds and parrots.


After a while, we came to a glaze where there was an opening to a cave. Outside, there was a huge patch of teeth marks carved by teeth on the  entrance of the cave. Inside it was light except from the deep dark corners at the back of the cave.


We stood having a conversation about what to do. Some of us felt as if ermatige had met his end.B As we stood we all heard a rush of wind and the clapping of wings  clapping like hands applauding we all spun round to see a beautiful elegant dragon. It looked at me with terror as if it was scared. 


Luckily, it was an ice dragon with flames of blue. These kind creatures have silky skin that reflects in cold water. It breathes in a low calm tone and it also speaks like that. It asked if it could help so we explained our predicament to her and she said she hadn’t  seen the sky ship or hermitage. With a splash of cold water  the dragon warned us that she had seen a swarm of sky goblins heading our way. Without hesitation we headed back to our sky ship…

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