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Hi, mum

Hello Mum, I’m just wondering when is dinner, also are you coming to my house or am I coming to your house? What are we having for dinner? Will I wear my best suit and tie? I’m just texting you because I want you to wear something nice and have the table set for when I come and have the dinner ready and have it on the table for when I arrive also tell my dad that I love him so, so much but don’t worry mum I also love you just as much maybe even more.

Love Rishi xx

Letter to the King.

King 👑



Is this really King Charles.


so.. I wanted to ask you a very important question.

What is that?

I wanted to know what you eat for dinner, and your ingredients.

And how would I know that!
I have personal chefs remember.

oh ok so u can’t help.

(Charles added chef to the group)

Hello chef 👩‍🍳

Hi, I heard you were looking for the majesty’s dinner menu.

Yes can u help.

The kings favourite is..

Starter- cheesy chips and curry  main- chicken box and usually for dessert he has, a sticky toffee pudding topped with a strawberry. I hope that helped!

NO CHEF!- King Charles

Snazzy nan

Today I just found out that my own granny is super Nan!

I didn’t know, how did I not know this, why didn’t my own granny tell me this fantastic information?

I already loved my Nan but I love her even more, she is such a cool nan now. I just thought she was the ordinary loving and caring nan but no she is now the coolest nan ever.

O.M.G can she-, would she? “Granny!” I said. “Yes Rebecca?” she replied back, “Can you take me out on one of your fantastic super Nan adventures?”

There was a sudden silence-

This might be hard to believe…

“HARRY!” Mum said “BRING DOWN YOUR PHONE YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Why don’t you let me explain how I got my self in this situation. This morning when I was about to leave for school and Mum was about to leave for work she told me to do the hovering by the time she got back. When I came home I just lay in my bed instead. As I lay down I thought of the best excuse as to why I didn’t do the hovering. Sorry, the hover sucked me up and it only spit me out right before u arrived.

I’m a spider!??

I woke up same as any morning and pulled myself up.Except it was way harder today.I looked in the mirror “ahhhhhhh I’m a spider?” And I was in fact a spider I creept off my bed and fell on the floor and “ouch” I found my earring, now I’m down to seven legs.What do I do now? I clearly can’t go to school I’ll frighten everyone.How did this happen? Did I watch to much spiderman?Am I dreaming? I could be dreaming.Suddenly I jolted awake.I’m human but I have to go to school now. I’d rather go back to being a spider.

Top excuses for no chores!

1. “I don’t live here!” Just pack your bags and live in the garden.

2. “We don’t have chores.” They won’t ask. We’ll, maybe.

3. “Who are you?” If you act like you don’t know them, you’re out of the job.

4. ” tell [your sibling] to do it.” They will come to their senses and ask you’re sibling to do it.

5. “I was asleep.” parents just let you off but sometimes they will ask you to do it.

6. “Its already done.” Keep it short and sweet ( even if you don’t have it done just say you did then RUN!!)

Why I haven’t done done my homework

Well you see, I haven’t done my homework because when I woke up this morning my street was like an ice rink! I slipped and slide and eventually went under but I met a friendly whale who said he would use his blowhole to push me up on land again. But he pushed me up to Australia! The sudden change from freezing cold to roasting hot made me faint! But a kind kangaroo put me in her pouch and hopped me all the way home but the kangaroo didn’t see my homework because it was sopping wet so it’s still in Australia!

Vodka is magic

‘knock knock’ “who’s there” i shout “it’s granny”says a voice i open the door and granny’s standing there in her pjs. I ask why are you here so late it’s 11:00pm at night.My granny says “i found out that i have SUPER POWERS, I’m your super granny”.My jaw drops i say “what HOW!”. My granny starts to explain that she was having a little drink in the house vodka and coke when she got a little tipsy and jumped off the sofa and flew through the ROOF! . I looked and her as if she was mad but it’s true.

The candy castle

The candy castle is located upon lush lane and you will be shoked when you see its beauty. The house is surrounded by giant candy canes to keep outsiders away. The beds are made of fluffy marshmallows and the walls are nothing but edible. From the very tippy top of the house to the very bottom you will be amazed as you look around. There is three bedrooms each having different themes for different personalitys. The bathroom has mashmallow sented soap and the shower gives pink water!! This magical house is being sold at the low price of 5000k. But it while you can!!

The fairy tale house

There is a massive fairy house on top of a big hill with a great view, big double glazed windows, automatic curtains, fancy long cosy lounge chairs. This house is that modern that you would never realise that its a house where fairies live, these fairies are very magical that they can wish for anything and it’ll come true, people know that these fairies live there and it’ll never be setup to be sold but the inspectors are aloud into the house if it needs inspected but that’s about the only people who’s aloud to step foot into the house.