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The candy castle

The candy castle is located upon lush lane and you will be shoked when you see its beauty. The house is surrounded by giant candy canes to keep outsiders away. The beds are made of fluffy marshmallows and the walls are nothing but edible. From the very tippy top of the house to the very bottom you will be amazed as you look around. There is three bedrooms each having different themes for different personalitys. The bathroom has mashmallow sented soap and the shower gives pink water!! This magical house is being sold at the low price of 5000k. But it while you can!!

The fairy tale house

There is a massive fairy house on top of a big hill with a great view, big double glazed windows, automatic curtains, fancy long cosy lounge chairs. This house is that modern that you would never realise that its a house where fairies live, these fairies are very magical that they can wish for anything and it’ll come true, people know that these fairies live there and it’ll never be setup to be sold but the inspectors are aloud into the house if it needs inspected but that’s about the only people who’s aloud to step foot into the house.

Sweetest suite

Hello there, you must be tired and looking for a quiet, relaxing place to stay. Why don’t you consider coming down for a holiday to the sweetest suite in Sweetie Island. Just Picture yourself in a cozy cottage made up off ginger bread and all of your favourite treats, laying on a bed made up of the finest, fluffiest marshmallows on the island. Who wouldn’t want to dip everything the can imagine in a creamy chocolate fountain? Put your trust in our hands and sniff your way down to your personal wonderland. We promise you will never want to leave.

Rapunzels castle: FOR SALE

For sale: for sale is a very beautiful Castle, it is very tall but humble, when you’re inside the castle it is one room, (apart from the bathroom) and it is spacious enough for one. This castle has a big bay window, outside the castle is a massive forest so it is very enclosed and cozy. There is ivy up the castle so it gives a very cute cottage look it is also pet friendly, and if you had a pet, it might love to stretch their legs outside in the massive space of land. This castle is a great fit for one person who wants a cozy setting.

fairytale mansion advertisement!

Do you want a house that has all the necessities to torturing your child? Well this the one for you! It’s a gorgeous spacious home, it was also once lived in by Cinderella herself.

There’s a dark dungeon placed in the attic perfect for locking your child in, Perfect kitchen for slaving your child into making you breakfast and a whopping total of 8 stunning bedrooms!

The small room at the top of the mansion is perfect for storing your child in to make them anti social! Head on down to 96 Fairytale lane for more information on the house!

house advert

If you haven’t heard the cottage from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’ is up for sale as the two has moved on and have decided to put it up for sale .You have a chance to show off to your friends family anyone that you know something this spectacular if you haven’t heard the story heres some details about it is edible , it comes with furniture. It is located in this beautiful forest with the crystal clear lake just in front of the cottage . The starting at the price £250 thousand . I wish You all luck .

Are You Interested in Vintage Homes?

House hunting? Looking for a “vintage” home? Well, we’ve got just the spot for you! In this huge castle above the clouds, your dreams will be fulfilled! This castle is not only high above the clouds, but it is spacious with high ceilings, three stories, and a detached shack for a bathroom! The luxurious garden is lovely, fluffy and white, from the clouds! There are four bedrooms a kitchen, and a sitting room! Climb up the beanstalk, so all your dreams can come true! Disclaimer, the previous owner did own a goose, so there may be some feathers!

Beauty and the beasts castle

When I say ‘real’ I don’t mean there is an actual beast lurking in the west wing; The legendary beauty and the beasts castle is for sale, this is one of our best selling castle with eight bedrooms, three living rooms a big dungeon you can use to lock up trespassers, the property is also within walking distance to the river Rhône also this house comes with a talkative wardrobe an a annoying candle stick and a know it all clock , you also get pots and pans that will cook and keep you company,so the total for this house comes up to 15million pound ,now that’s a price we can settle on.

Selling the Queens Castle!

As you might’ve heard, the Queen has built a new castle an is selling the old one. She said that it has 12 bathrooms, 15 rooms and three secret ones. An indoor swimming pool a bar and 3 kitchens it is guarded securely and the Queen has said whoever buys the castle will be rewarded their own chef and house maid. The castle is being sold for 30,0000 US dollars. If anyone is interested in buying this high quality castle, contact us http://www.BuyQueensCastleNow.

Believe it or not

Me and my friend Harry were walking up to school when Harry started talking about how long it took him to finish the english homework (that I didn’t do) I’m going to have to think of an excuse before I get to school I’ll say that on my way up to school there was a treasure box glowing under the snow so I opened it and fell through, then I saw a monster who battled me for my homework. The monster swallowed me whole then spat me out at the schools front door believe it or not ur it’s true.