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The Train

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Choo choo! “Stop the train!” I bellowed from a train carriage. “Can you hear me? Stop the train!” It was no use but all of a sudden, the train’s brakes were slammed on dramatically. I fell over and bashed my head on a seat. I saw a lot of blood  upon the floor, but something just didn’t add up. First, the train had magically started to move, and then, I had suddenly fallen over.

I wondered if anyone was on the train so before I could stop myself I bellowed out, “If you’re on here with me then show yourself now!” There was no answer, but there was an enormous BANG.I felt the hairs on my arms stand up tall. 

Then, I felt something touch my back. I turned round as quick as a flash, but I saw nothing. I was really regretting asking the silly question that I asked earlier. I had a suspicion that something was behind me, so when I slowly turned round with fear in my eyes,I realised that my suspicion was right and  I saw it…

Ominous Square

Bradley glared at the dim dark lamp post. Critters carelessly crawled up the sturdy and solid steel which was steadily supporting the luminous lamp. Cobwebs ambushed the defenceless hut at the side of the lamp post. Moths flew up cobwebs and past the sticky strands as spiders patiently waited for their prey. At the back of the hut was a grand table laying there peacefully as no wildlife disturbed it. Suddenly, a loud thud was heard by Brad coming from behind the door. BASH!

The room

Steve walked into the black inky room,he slammed the door behind him. It was a mistake ,he had just gotten the dragons attention he heard it flying towards him Steve was frightened he ducked underneath the table.

The dragon had hard pale skin which looked like rocks it was as small as a ant and its wings fluttered like a magical unicorn.

Steve didn’t  know what to do , and then he saw a miniature knife on the floor so he grabbed it. in a flash, Steve through the knife into the dragons throat and it dropped down to the floor with grey and green goo dripping from it.

In a flash, he rushed out of the room slammed the door behind him and rushed down the street into his luxury mansion.But then he woke  up,with his mum shouting . “WAKE UP ITS  TIME FOR SCHOOL”.It was all a dream.


Phoenix walked into year 4`s classroom and walked past the teacher”Sorry,” then he sat on  his seat got out his notepad and listened to it. It about the worst topic he listened to: it was history. After that,the teacher started babbling on about  subordinate clauses and how they work. To his surprise it was very interesting.

After break Savana  came in interrupting year 4 numeracy lesson “Sorry I am late,“. She then sat down and got out her notebook and scribbled rubbish the teacher came and took it off her.”You should not be doing that should you?” he said “No” she said ashamed of herself.

The abandoned stable


“ Summer don’t go to that abandoned stable. It’s haunted.”  Did I listen? well maybe not I went  with my best friend Evlynn to look for something but I don’t know what . I actually remember when she told me not to play in Evlynn’s science lab in case I get blown up or something 

The stable that she was talking about, was supposadly  haunted and was beside berry lane .

It’s a lovely street with lovely people. But the stable caught my eye as soon as I saw it .It was finally time to explore it .  As we opened the door it creaked and dust fell off it  we stepped in and as we walked on the wooden rotten and disintegrated floorboards it creaked and then something bad and I mean bad happened.

The room of games

SSSSCCCRRREEEECHH! went the sound of a creaking door “Come on!”exclaimed Annie excitedly. “G-go in there,” asked a petrified Clair taking a slow cautious step back “Oh stop being a baby Claire we’ll be fine,” and before Clair could reply, she had been pulled into the ominous darkness by Annie. Suddenly, the door closed behind them making a ferocious BANG! The room seemed to move feel and sense the world around it, it was something old and slow and it knew that they were there!


Jack was sat down. Then he realised that he had not had his phone. After about 10 minutes of looking he went to his mum.He said to his mum “where is my phone?”“On the table!” Mum wailed. His sister bolted down the stairs and said “we are late for school!” They both ran out the door.At school we just made it into the terrifying door…When we got in to class i had told the teacher ( Mr smith ) that he was fat and denied it. When we got home my mum was on the phone with school and they had told her everything. She was fuming…

The unknown creature

Elizabeth  hopped on to her frosted bike. She began turning the freezing pedals and rode her bike down to school and locked it up so it was safe. She sped into the classroom. “Morning sir,” she hesitantly murmured. She took a seat at her desk. “Hey Ellie,” her friend whispered. Elizabeth replied to her close friend. 


When the school day was over Elizabeth exited the school. She unlocked her bike. As the petals began to turn she departed the school gates .Izzy waved to Elizabeth.

She began her journey but as that took place something raced past her. But was it? 



James slammed the door, and stormed off down the corridor. He said to himself  it is not fair I did not do it it was Brandon. I was fuming at him. When my mum asked what I had been doing he said “I was in detention because of Brandon”. 

“What did he do then?” 

He had thrown a ball of paper at  Mr Tue and blamed it on me when i did not do it.” Well that is not very fair then” said his mum.


20 minutes later, my mum came off the phone. She was fuming at me. Your teacher Mr Tue said “It was you who threw the paper ball at him,” screamed mum.

“But it was not me!” I reapplied in vain. Now I know I was in Trouble…


The sneaky Joanne


Joanne shook as she opened the door but suddenly a big bang from upstairs she ignored it at first though but not the second time as she panicked as the door shut behind her.Then Joanne quickly ran over to the fireplace and hid behind an armchair when she would quickly notice she wasn’t the only person in the room suddenly a scream from upstairs.


Her heart pounded in fear, when all of a sudden a shadowed figure came downstairs and seemed to be very suspicious as if he had done something wrong.  Joanne thought to herself it couldn’t be any worse but she should think again because another man came down the crying stairs and said,“What do we do now?” The other man replied

“We have to dispose of the body.”


Joanne worried about this for some time and knew she had to get out of the building but, at the same time, the two men were still talking, she had to stay focused on staying alive.  The two men then whispered she quickly realised that they knew somebody else was in the room other them themself.