The Auburn duchess

The auburn duchess is one of the many types of fascinating fire unicorns suffering from rapidly declining numbers all across the globe.

Though the existence of this magnificent beast has been the topic of many hot debates for a number of years, the children who have been confirmed to have met the Auburn Duchess have come forward to put this long lasting controversy to rest.


Many of our subjects have continued to stay adamant that the Auburn Duchess is a stunning unicorn with mighty wings of pink fire, a dark grey figure and a remarkable horn of pure gold. Its majestic main and tail were also made of pink flame. It has a muscular yet perfect physique and it cries tears of blood (However, these are not often shed). It’s eyes are a dazzling emerald green it wears a permanent kindly expression although not many people have been close enough to observe this so it is often the subject of some foul insults for being insidious and malevolent when in fact we now can confirm that they are not. However, do not think these unicorns are completely harmless read on to find out why.


It has been said that the Auburn duchess’ are all females and they reproduce by using their intense fire bending abilities to shape a faul from flame. However, this process only occurs every year as an annual ceremony and the child will be given to the unicorn that creates her; they will then be under their care until they are old enough to collect lava from volcanoes.


 It has been rumored that they can sense the emotions of humans, though the stronger the mind  the more difficult it is to read. Records state  that they have only ever been tamed by children; this has left experts to believe that Auburn Duchess’ find children less threatening. Studies have also shown that they have killed more adults than children as they seem to have more trust in them. These breathtaking creatures are also known to be merciful to humans if you do not bother them; but if you trespass upon their land they will not hesitate to kill you!


These splendid specimens live in the lava caves of flagstaff in Arizona also they have been spotted flying around inside active volcanoes the molten rock on the side of the volcanoes is believed to be where they hold their annual birth ceremony. Only two, a 102 year old women and a 98 year old man have been inside one of these lava caves and Jenny(the 102 year old woman) managed to recount the events of the event that she and her brother experienced at the age of 9,“ It was me and my brother in the forest where mummy and daddy left us. we began to wander far and wide for any food we could salvage. We did not have large appetites (me and Arlo) going without food and water for days was normal for us. Finally we found a watering hole and that’s where we found them a grand creature that stood tall sensed our fear,hunger and sadness they took us in until we turned 17 they sensed our blood beginning to mature and let us go.”


Thank you for reading and don’t forget to be careful and stay safe.



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