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The continue to The adventure

After five hours of unsteady sleep on the sky ship  , I woke to a unpleasant noise . It was thunder and lightning with a lot of fog but it was still dark outside and my crew members did not know what to do but I do. First I tried to power up the engines but it did not work so I looked to see were we where. My first mare Gibs was in the crows nest and once I shouted for him to come down he listen and came down as fast as possible. Once he God’s down he said ,” Captain Bradley I am here as per your request . How may I help you ?” I replied to him saying ,” Right Gibs I will need you to help us land as I see some evil dragons ahead. And we don’t want to be killed do we ?” Gibs replied ,” Nope we don’t and I will .

Stormy Night

It was a stormy night as Ty and Mariana explored the abandoned castle. They were terrified as the dim light flickered in the hallway and give them a fright. Soon after, they heard a roar; a dragons roar…

7 things I would take on a airship

First I would take food so I wouldn’t stave

second I would take a pet dragon to fire the enemy’s away

third I would take a invisible cloak so I can hide from anyone

4th I would take a fire proof jacket so any dragons wouldn’t get any fire on me

5th I would take lots of water incase I would be on fire

6th i would take a pillow so I can get a good sleep

7th I would take a blanket so I wouldn’t be cold


The sky ship

As the sky ship grazed the side of a old ruined castle, we heard a deep foul growl from below. “It sounds like a dragon!”exclaimed Lia. “AHHHHHHH!” screamed Tiana. The huge crimson dragon then swooped above them, terrified for their lives Lia struggled to steer the mighty sky ship. What will happen next?…

Sky star

I bet you’ve been on a hot air balloon but I know you’ve never been on a Sky star. Instead of me telling a super long story I’ll just tell you about the journeys 2 children have bean on with the Sky star. “Lenny”called Mandy “hurry up where going to be late”Screamed Mandy. Why Mandy was so full of screams is that it was there first time attending a adventure Competition. “I’m coming I’m coming” said Lenny anxiously. Of they go with there Carer All the way down the block to the big hall. They stood outside in the back yard.“wow this garden is huge”Said Lenny Surprisingly “i know I’m so Surprised we’ve never been here before” everyone was there as the host of the Competition said…“as we begin this event. If you win I am going to honer you a golden leaf.“what is a golden leaf” said Mandy. Everyone Gasped. “Oh my.

Y Y you don’t know what the golden leaf is”said the host. What do you think it is?

They left in there sky star and when to the first adventure point.

Sky Grazer

Milly and Alex found a rock on the hard wooden floor “Lets hope this works!”Milly said anxiously.Trying to cut the thin wires. The wires fell on the floor “Grab on to the air ballon!”shouted Alex.As they flew into the sky the gangsters shouted “We will be back!” Soon later in the day, Milly and Alex were still in the air they both thought were really high but then Alex had second thoughts if he told Milly he was scared she would tell the whole school! After a few hours later  without any voice’s heard Milly finally blurbed out “ It’s really high,” There was no reply. Then Alex said “I’ll get the rock out and pop the air balloon,” “Ok” anxiously Milly said they flew down from the sky as quickly as a blink. But they were lucky the landed on Mattresses “Few” said Milly “We are lucky very lucky” Alex replied back a few seconds later “I can’t wait to tell mum and dad on the sky ship anyways let’s get back to the sky ship over the skies and sparkling oceans,” They walked for hours and hours with nothing to be said then Milly thought I recognise this place  were nearly there. Alex thought the same they both started to run and there it was the giant sky ship they ran up the stairs and there stood there mum and dad they squeezed them they were so happy to see them.Mum whispered “Let’s get on with are journey then shall we?” Over the skies and over the mountains filled with white fluffy snow then the sparkling oceans Milly said amazingly “It’s all what I dreamed of!”

Moon greaser

Once upon a time there was a girl called Samira and a boy called Harry.

They were very poor and lost their parents.Samira had a teddy which was in the shelf for 

a long time.Harry had a rocket under his bed.under Samira ,s teddy she saw a note of an Enchanted forest.she read that the Enchanted forest has a powerful kind unicorn that could fly very fast.They were excited to go to the Enchanted forest.but they did not know which way to go to the Enchanted forest.Harry saw a note, how to go to the Enchanted forest.Harry said to Samira 

“we will go to the Enchanted forest”.When Samira and Harry thought about their parents a strange thing happened. The power that that their thinking just float to the sky and made a sky ship.They hopped in to the sky ship and went to the Enchanted forest.Once they reach the Enchanted forest they saw a flying unicorn. The unicorn mane was rainbow coloured amber eyes.

The unicorn,s horn was shiny as sun. The unicorn has beautiful tattoos on her legs

Star ship

You’ve probably been on an airship when the fearsome,fire breathing dragons attacked.  Their breath could burn you to a crisp. Remember how it feels to ride one of the biggest,adorable dragon in the whole land? Its soft scales of green as beautiful as the grass far below as when you ride the dragon its soft skin bushes of your leg as your drift off to sleep.As you awake you see that you are high above the clouds and the adorable dragon has took you to an old cave even higher than were the fire goblins lived.You enter the cave and you see solid 24k gold that has been dug into the ground.As you snoop around the cave with your dragon you see a tunnel but your friend the dragon is to big so you go alone and you finally reach the end and you see a platform and on that platform you see a massive sky ship.

Star grazer

I am sure everyone has been on a sky ship before when the beautiful blue sky shining upon the world .The bright storm goes around the earth at night and goes in the morning there was two kids called Thomas and Amelia and there dad was a adventurous and there was a sky ship  called 

Bright storm  the gold  oval shaped  balloon shined up the midnight sky the wings glided perfectly

through the Thomas and Amalia minder heard a knock at the door and it was a person called mrs marshmallow. And she said something happened to there farther there farther had died 

And mrs marshmallow said come with me to a magical place. It has secret doors and an and enchanted forest next to it and unicorns as horses your dad was a thief no he wasn’t said Amelia.

It looks like your dad abandoned you as well no our dad love us said Thomas and there dad was the owner of the star grader.