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Episode 3: The Ancient Jades

Running in the direction of April’s last appearance, Captain Oschó feared he would lose her once and for all. What made him most worried, however, was April was in fact the Captain’s daughter. Dashing through the dense forest into a rocky area, he saw a magnificent structure. He caught a glimpse of April speedily approaching the entrance to the Jade Palace. He accelerated rapidly towards his daughter, concerned about the secrets of the past that might lie within. April, on the other hand, was quite enjoying the experience. She had always thought of life as a jigsaw puzzle, and this was the next piece. Finally, she arrived at the ancient forbidden palace of mighty warriors. April was greeted by the guards, the warriors, and the almighty Matriculation King. She was the first visitor to enter the temple in 58 years. The secrets of the Jade Palace unfolded before her and a reflection of the past was finally touched. All the Jades gathered for a forbidden secret. 

Episode 2: A New Atmosphere

After a recent landing, the crew left the Black Plague in order to get used to their now murky and mysterious surroundings. As Captain Oschó left the skyship, he stopped to think about what had happened earlier with the matric guardian. While he fought for control over the ship, Owen and April were forced to battle with only each other. Was that why Owen jumped off, because of how difficult the challenge seemed to prove? Or was it simply because he was not prepared to keep April in danger for so long? Overall, the question was so confusing, that he decided it was best not to ponder about it.

April was now alone on the skyship, crying softly at the thought of what the future might hold, with Owen, as a puddle, slowly evaporating when memories of him were in the minds of his loved ones. However, if the best memory was ever to be touched, visions of him would be projected into the minds of all who loved him, slowly progressing to one final wish to release Owen from his dead body. His spirit would undermine the Earth and create new life, forming new memories, thoughts and life, all powered by the sacred item…    His family Tree.

Trying not to think about the rough times ahead, April marched on, ready to face whatever challenge stood in her path. Eventually, they found signs of previous humans attempting to make a home here. Mossy cobblestone buildings that once must have been beautiful now lay in ruins. Pillars stood weak, some even cracked and crumbled far beyond repair. It was evident that human inhabitants were definitely not meant for this overgrown swamp. Clearly they were not in the right atmospheric area either judging by all the fog, dead corpses, now skeletons, and the eerie silence that had fallen upon them.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Captain Oschó saw a gigantic hill slowly moving closer to the group, rumbling as it came. It had sensed their arrival. 

When the Captain turned round, he saw no April…

Ava’s adventure by Ellie G

Ava stared through the black night.She could see her breathe as she flew over the icy depths of the artic.It was only last week that she was snuggled under her fluffy blanket with her favourite book, now she was on an adventure that would stay with her forever.

A loud Crash snapped her out of her daydream,Without warning,a huge dragon with eyes as black as coal swooped down and tried to grab her with its sharp pointy claws.”AHHHHHH” screamed Ava as the dragon created a pool of fire from its black hole like mouth.Polly the Parrot was startled awake by the sound of Ava’s scream, by the time Polly had reached her  She seemed to of scared it off with her grandfathers spear that she had packed just incase.

Once she had steadied herself from the dragons attack she took a moment to take in the sheer beauty of the icy scenery around her ,she took a deep breath and said “Polly prepare to land, we need to do some repairs”.

The Black Plague

Have you ever gone on holiday? To a warm sunny climate with a luxurious hotel? You have? Ok, how about a winter wonderland with whirling blizzards and igloos? With snowmen and angels and snowball fights and dens? Yes? Well, this is less of a holiday, and more of a dangerous exploration to the marshy swamps of the great matric river located deep in the heart of the cubed plains, in Moncravia.


As the other participants of the black plague boarded, Owen hung back and stared at the skyship, knowing that something was lurking up there, awaiting discovery. His younger sister, April, was excited to finally be flying high in the sky for hours upon end with the roaring wind blowing straight into her smooth, rosy and chilly face. The only downside to this experience though, was that there were dark, black clouds filling the air, blocking out the only source of light, the moon. That’s right, they were camouflaged in military clothing on a mostly black ship with tints of bright, limy yellow as a strip on the lower left and right side of the ship’s bow, the tailfin, and the small pectoral fins for gliding. A rough ride was clearly their  next challenge to face.


Captain Oschó slowly arose the black plague and yelled, ‘risin’ ‘er up, ‘old tight!’ Obediently, the two children gripped the poles fiercely, as the captain full – throttled the threatening engines. It was mid flight that they had to face a storm cloud in their way, but, It was in those seconds that Owen realised. He realised what had been awaiting their arrival all these hours, The Matric Guardian…            … They had found it. Cube shaped and dangerous, floating strongly in the air with his electrified trident. It was simple. Take out the trident, take out the guardian. Although the difficulty proved to be the greater challenge. His breath was a lightning storm. Even Captain Oschó was fighting for control over the ship with this beast around. Sadly though, sacrifices must be made and so now the two crew members, Captain Oschó and April had to say goodbye to Owen once and for all as he sacrificed his own life for the survival of theirs, and luckily, his life ended with victory. The trident and guardian were no more. And so with that, they landed, yet to discover what was next to come…


I would take

I would take my old rusty mini boat to travel around the old rustic seas for mini adventures.

I would take my nice soft pillow and sleeping bag to help me sleep quicker.

I would take my sharp and shiny bow and arrow to shoot at monsters and dragons.

I would take my old trusty shield to help me protect me from the deadly monsters and dragons.

I would take my strong nice crew to help me battle the scary huge deadly monsters and dragons.

My Bag

A star from a clear night sky to light my way through  the dark caves.

Harry Potters invisibility cloak to hide from the enemy.

A  bright colourful rainbow to use as a bridge to help me escape the enemy.

A razor sharp dragons tooth to help protect me.

A warm cup of love to keep me safe.


My Magical Rucksack

A  golden, glowing shooting star to light up the path ahead of me.

A soft, enchanted pillow which makes me go to sleep as soon as my head touches it.

A small bag of pixie dust to help me fly away from danger.

A bottomless rucksack to carry everything I need.

A handful of fake jewels to throw in the opposite direction of me so the dragon will run to them and leave me alone.

A cute, cuddly kitten to keep me company on my adventures.