My poem By Monty

You are a lost shoe

found in a muddy puddle,

Like a missrible jelly fish.


You are a squishy tomato

Squished into your fathers waistcoat.


You are the sun rising

opening its eyes and blinking.


You are the rainbows end,

waiting patiently

for the gold to rise.


You are a tap shoe tap dancing.


You are a lost goat,

calling for help.


You are a sunflower

waiting to be pollinated.


You are as strong as a snail

carrying its house on its back.


You are the end.

One Response to “My poem By Monty”

  1. Lily
    1. I like when you said about the snail
    2. I wonder if you like writing poems because it’s really good
    3. Maybe you could add a bit more description but other wise good
    Well done

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