You are like a shimmering scaly fish swimming down into the ocean.

You are a black and yellow stripped bee with shimmering wings.

You are in a cage with an elephant about to be crushed.

You are as bright as a star glowing in the sky.

You are a fluffy bird flying in the night sky.

You are a dog ready to be hugged.

You are the football ready to be kicked over the wall.

You are a chocolate bar ready to be eaten.

You are a shark diving into a new book.

You are a post it  note ready to be stuck on the wall.

You are suddenly  diving into a pool of dolphins.

You are cold cement ready to be dry.

You are slime wanting to be made.

You feel a shiver run down your spine.

You are a cat curled up like a ball and you look like a full stop.

You are a bubble of bubble gum wining to be exploded.

You are a ship being crashed by a wave.

You are as high as a bird in the sky.

You are a doughnut about to be finished.


One Response to “Finn”

  1. Hi Finn,
    1. I love you are a post it note waiting to be stuck on the wall.
    2. Why did you do bubble gum not a different type of bubble?
    3. Maybe check your punctuation.

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