My poem of everything by Henry Sww

Henry SWW

You are the roaring waves crashing upon sharp rocks.

You are the stars shine blinding me from mile’s away.

You are the distance between a tigers teeth and the predoters stare.

You are the led in a pencil helping you to write.

You are my knotty hair as it sway’s in the wind.

You are the pencil case’s colour as it shines in the sun.
You are the coat’s furriness keeping me warm in the winter’s air.

3 Responses to “My poem of everything by Henry Sww”

  1. I really like your description of every sentence well done good puncuation

  2. I like the roaring waves part. From Seth SWW

  3. Amazing work. How did you get it so good? To make it better I think you you could use better Vocabulary.

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