The Poem Of Poems

You are like a  lonely, wise whale,

lost in the majestic oceans of the eerie world

searching for a decent place to sleep.


You are like long, vibrant, green grass,

drifting in the stormy winds.


You are the smell of a ripe blackcurrant,

longing to be enjoyed by the smart, playful children,

harvesting they’re spring crops.


You are the scent of roses,

against the pitch black night.


You are the memory of my primary school,

enjoying forest school and everything else.


You are the memory of my energetic dog,

jumping around playfully like a kid at a zoo.


You are the distance between

granny’s Christmas dinner ,

and school food.


You are the distance between unwrapping  Santa’s presents

and picking up my dogs poo.


You are the beginning,


this is the end.

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  1. 1) I like the the description!

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