What are you? by Olivia

What are you?

You are a deserted umbrella pushed repeatedly into an empty alleyway.

You are a cracked mirror wrapped in a spiders web bringing mischief to the world.

You are a magnifying glass searching to be used in a mystery or a wrecked newspaper.

You are a piece of paper with a teacher’s note stuck on a thin wall

You are a lavish flower lay in the ice cold river water.

You are a light bulb screwed tight like a rope on a door handle.

You are an apple that’s ready to fall off the ever growing tree.

You are the ocean staring into the creature’s souls like glass shining in the sunlight.

You are a door bell ringing thousands of times almost ready to run out.

You are a slow snail drifting on the rocky pavement.

You are the end.

One Response to “What are you? by Olivia”

  1. Hi I love how you said “ You are a slow snail drifting on the rocky pavement”

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