What are you

You are a cold ice cream melting  in the warm sun .

You are a blue butterfly flying in the beautiful sky .

You are a juicy watermelon waiting to be eaten .

You are a sparkling star shining in the sky .

You are a fluffy cloud sleeping in the midnight sky .

You are a kind bee fluttering its wings in the sky .

You are a wave ready to be destroyed.

You are a rainbow dancing to the music.

You are a delicious lollipop longing to be licked .

You are a rose ready to be watered .

You are a dolphin diving into a new world .

You are a book waiting to be opened .

You are a soft lazy cat waiting to be loved .

You are a cute loving dog running free.

You are a cake ready to be demolished .

You are slime ready to be stretched .

You are a bird singing on the treetops .

You are a sunset ready to end the day .

You are a notebook ready to write down amazing ideas .

|You are a horse running round the world .

You are a scaly fish swimming in the deep ocean .

You are a book ready to end .



One Response to “What are you”

  1. Hello there Eliza, you’re poem was really nice. A phrase that stood out to me was – You are a sunset ready to end the day – I enjoyed that especially. I would just say that in the line cloud in the midnight sky if ‘fluffy’ was a bit of a cliche. Also lots of your lines include ‘ … is ready to …’ perhaps you could think of something else to bring the same effect.
    Otherwise a lovely poem, keep it up.
    From Maggie SWW

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