You are poem

You are a perfect Panther,

pouncing on your next victim,

smothering them in a black velvet cloak


You are a ripe banana,

waiting to be peeled to descover what’s inside


You are the sadness of a dog,

waching countless people walk on by ignoring your loyalty


You are your bedroom,

full of millions of secrets waiting to be reaveled


You are the taste of morning tea and buiscuits,

being washed down to start the day


You are that Friday feeling,

knowing it’s the last day of school


You are a drop of rain,

falling from an umbrella to the empty dark sewers of doom


You are a dream catcher,

caching frightful thoughts and dreams,

scaring you for life


You are the number 3,

melting on a birthday cake,

pooring with frosting and sprinkles.

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