Laurence-Antony School

You are a forgotten wish cased away in the oasis.

You are a star floating in the cosmos.

You are a bird soaring in the blue sky.

You are as fluffy as a cloud.

You are as fluorescent lamp ready to shin.

You are the impossibility of a warm Christmas day a dark morning and a sunny night.

You are a December with a frozen north and a icy lake.

You are a beautiful rainbows golden pot shimmering for ever and ever.

You are a memory of a sandy hot beach and a blue ocean.

You are the distance between a happy soul and a angry Devil.

you are as kine as a teacher helping you when you are lost.

3 Responses to “Laurence-Antony School”

  1. I love the part where you said : you are a forgotten wish cased away in an oasis .

  2. Laurence, I like how you have described about the bird soaring the blue sky.

  3. My favorite sentence was a forgotten wish cast away in an oasis.
    Which is your favorite sentence?
    On the second to last sentence, it needs to be an angry devil not a angry devil.

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