You are

You are a lovely labrador

that gives lots of licks.


You are January

the start of a new year,everyone cheers

as the sky clears.


You are the sun shining bright until the people say goodnight, its a beautiful sight.


You are a calm cat lay flat on a mat.


You are the luxious lolly that makes peoples taste buds jolly.


You are the toy that gives  toddlers joy.


When the fledgling first flys it just cant believe it’s eyes,

when it fell and you thought it was funny it just wanted its mummy.


You are a small socket waiting to be plugged in,

very short and thin.

3 Responses to “You are”

  1. Lily
    I love how calming the poem sounds when I read it.

  2. Hello I love the part, you are a calm cat lay flat on the mat.

  3. Hello,
    1. Well done I really love the paragraph when you said you are January the start of a year when everyone cheers.
    2. Do you do poetry often?
    3. Next time maybe try naming the objects. e.g. what type of toy. Trian, Teddy bear.
    Well done keep up the good work.

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