You are a cat rubbing its hard fer on the brick wall.

You are an apple waiting to be gobbled up.

You are a mountain ready to have a marvellous flag on you You are a key ready to open a treasure chest.

You are a sweet lemon waiting to be put on the side of a drink.

You are a monkey starting to open a banana with your foot .

You are a roast getting gobbled up .

You are salt getting put on some fish and chips.

You are blood running through a mans leg.

You are a zombie cuddling a cat.

You are a bottle getting flied.

You are a dinosaur stomping on on people.

You are a spiky fruit

2 Responses to “Dino”

  1. I enjoy the part were it said You are the blood running down a mans leg, and I liked the bit also says you are the roast getting gobbled up. Well done Frank SWW

  2. I enjoyed the part you are a dinosaur stomping on people.

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