You are – Otto

You are a mysterious monkey,

eating a beautiful banana.


You are a joyful jellyfish,

wiggling in the deep ocean blue.


You are the smell of fantastic food

cooking away in the oven.


You are the number 8

like the amount of legs on a spider

crawling down the wall.


You are an athletic ape

swinging on magical monkey bars.


You are a vicious viper

wrapping round your next victim.


You are a runaway reptile

avoiding capture by a hairs breath.


You are a number 10

a fat and a skinny pair.


You are the smell of strong vinegar

covering a batter of cod.


You are a number 1oo

a comedy trio

always backing you up.


You are the smell of strong soap

after coming out of  a hot bath.


You are the noise of faint children

running wild in the playground.


You are a daring dinosaur

crushing cars and cabins.


You are the end.

12 Responses to “You are – Otto”

  1. I liked it when you said swinging on magical monkey bars .

  2. Well-done Otto. I really liked all the adjective choices. Also I particularly liked daring dinosaur and noise of faint children. Next time maybe just do a few verses. Can’t wait to see more of your work. Great job.

  3. Hello Otto, I love the sentence about the viper; it was brilliant! The alliteration on vicious viper was very good. Vipers actually have venom that can be extremely dangerous! Your ending was one of my favorite parts of the poem!

  4. Hello Otto I really liked how you said you are a athletical cape swinging on magical monkey bars. Well done.

  5. I like how you said that You are of the strong smell after coming out of a hot bath though do not as many verses ok. Archie-SWW

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