My poem of you by Billy

You are a rushing river rampaging through a city. 

You are an anchor crashing in between sand beds and coral. 

You are a jellyfish floating in the depths of a shipwreck .

You are a campfire longing for ignition and light .

You are a banana ready to be peeled and eaten .

You are a wolf with a murderous glint in your eye.


You are a  grey, furry goat trotting around a lush green  field full of grass .

You are a boat sailing across gigantic  waves  of frozen fish .

You are an enormous star ready to combust in a flash of light.

You are the spirit of death whose blade is ready to reap .

You are a freezing December coated in snow and rain .

You are a mountain sitting down on top of a broiling magma chamber .

You are the end of time. 
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