Our Poem of Strange Combinations

You are a reflection of a hero in the future,

battling against an evil unknown creature.


You are Canada’s cold breeze

travelling through the glaciers in the high mountains.


You are a rubber band lost inside a vicious

Vikings tangled beard.


You are a never ending strand of hair being

pulled out by a devil.


You are a chewy piece of bubble gum,

being blown up like a hot air ballon,

drifting through the sky.


You are a enormous pencil being used

to do a giant’s homework.


You are a ice block that is never wet

like a pool of lava.


You are a giant that is never big like

a ladybug.


You are a soccer ball that never rolls

like a square bolder.


3 Responses to “Our Poem of Strange Combinations”

  1. It was a great poem it was very strange like you said it would be.
    Could you improve the size of your vurses.
    How come you chose strange things.

  2. I like your poem especially your one about the Bubble gum vurse

  3. I love how you have described the football.
    How is a football like a round boulder?
    Could you go into further detail.

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