The life of a cat.

You are a cat trying to catch a squeaking mouse.

You are a cat curiously wondering about the land.

You are a big fluffy cat curling up in a soft, silky bed.

You are a cat clawing at a bumpy itchy scratching post.

You are a cat purring away on my lap.

You are a cat cleaning it’s self with a small bumpy tongue.

You are a cat lying on a bouncy sofa in the cold winter.

You are the fluffy fur of a Siamese cat.

3 Responses to “The life of a cat.”

  1. you can think of very good ideas. How did u think of those ideas?! U can improve though on more adjectives.

  2. I like the description that you have use.
    How long did this take to come up with?
    When you said you are a big fluffy cat curling up in soft, silky bed you could maybe use a better word then big.

  3. i like the description but you do not have to separat every sentnce.

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