Who Are You?

You are a flower being picked from a vibrant field ready to be put into the teachers new, shiny vase.

You are the meaningful mirror sat in the corner of the dusty bedroom.

You are the sound of the egg excellently being cracked into the mixing bowl.

You are the taste of some very flavoursome food, as the lid is moved the taste slithers down the back of my throat.

You are the soft touch as you hold your friends hand all the way to school and the feel of the cold hand sanitiser on my hot hands as I rub them together.

You are as elegant as your dance team who make it to the final.

You are in a jungle as lots of wild animals come out of the bushes looking angrily as if you are their prey.

You are a freshly baked cupcake that has just come out of the oven ready to be decorated.

You are the taste of a crispy chicken nugget and chips as it starts to fill up my stomach.

You are the sound of  crunchy, colourful leaves rustling in  the gentle, autumn breeze.

You are the impossibility of a flooded drought.

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