What Are You?

You are the impossibility of watery fire, light shadow, dead life and hot Neptune.

You are  a  crystallised tree reflecting the light of the roaring sun in the cerulean sky.

You are the depression of someone who has lost a loved one.

You are the sound of the silent scream of the girl is died in 1987.

You are the taste of a delightful, scrumptious tutti – fruity  macaroon  in Paris.

You are the aura in the Ninja’s chi as you glow like a miracle.

You are the touch of a spirit that watches over you like a guardian angel.

You are a blossoming flower that is dancing in the wind like a ballerina on Broadway.

You are a cracked, bright Christmas bauble that will bring years of misfortune, rolling on the floor.

You are the taste of fresh midsummer breeze as it blows through the dancing trees.

You are the sound of the musical vocalist performing for her audience.

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