You are…

You are a bouncy ball of lava being thrown from planet to planet.

You are an infinitely flowing waterfall rushing over the world, the moonlight unable to get through the thick cloak of water.

You are a tall tree shivering in the snow, protecting the cosy cabin from unknown intruders.

You are the sunlight that gives Earth life.

You are the victim of Monday’s tight, cold, clutching hand.

You are a rose petal hugging up against waves of pink.

You are the devil angry and red, screams of agony fill your head.

You are an owl hiding in the deep shadows.

You are autumn’s trees, crying out orange leaves

You are a shooting star like a mini angel dancing in the night sky.

You are a winter log burning in the flames.

You are a pair of feet sliding into a cosy pair of fluffy socks.

You are a snowman left out at the park to melt.

You are a penguin snuggling up your young in the frosty duvets of snow.

You are a butterfly in a room of moths.

You are You!

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