You are…. Kai T TJS

You are the eye of the tiger
Focused, watching every movement.

You are an imagination
both have no bounds.

You are the impossibility of
Eternal life
And a deafening silence.

You are the drake
petrified to leave his sleeping cave.

You are a ninja
stealthily swiping small sharp shurikens .

You are the sound of beautiful blue tit
tweeting in the dawn.

You are a wizard
protecting others from the mis-use of a wand.

You are a nebula wondering
In the depths of the cage of stars.

You are a diamond
sparkling, shimmering and shining brighter then anything.

You are the odd sock
in a drawer of perfect matches.

You are a hungry hole
as deep as the Mariana Trench.

You are you
You are who you want to be.

You are the verses of this poem
Even the words.

You are everything , even this line
You are



The end.

2 Responses to “You are…. Kai T TJS”

  1. 1.I really love this the words you used fit well
    2. Was there anything that made you come up with this?
    3. Could you try to add some similes.

  2. 1 I love the way it flows so perfectly.
    2 The rhythm when you read it is so elegant.
    3 Your words are perfect which makes it a perfect poem.

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