You are poem

You are a lonely planet floating through the infinite cosmos.

You are a tortoise waiting patiently to conquer your dream.

You are a scoop of ice cream dropped on the floor sat there cold and depressed.

You are beautiful flower growing with greatness.

You are a giant fire spreading like bacteria.

You are the meaning of life, so important but so untapped.

You are a grain of wheat capable of making helpful needs.

Your are a beautiful diamond lighting up the area elegantly.

You are a fluffy cloud covering the earth like a pillow.

You are a piece of food, so small but so helpful.

You are a mans best friend panting in the corner.

You are a pair of glasses with eagle eyes.

You are a lion capable of destroying the greatest of beasts.

You are a window revealing the wonders of the outside.

You are a book always ready to tell a story.

You are a commit, you are like the rocket of the skies.

You are a silent seal one of the beauties of the sea.

You are a lonely tree, you wear coat of a thousand leaves.

You are a bright banana filling everyone with your lovely insides.

You are the time, you control our every minute.

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