What You Are by Roxy @Belmont

You are an adventurous antique that holds many secrets from beyond the earth.

You are a winter wolf patrolling the frosty forest.

You are a lost lamp trying to keep warm in the dead of night.

You are  lost soul trapped in a genies lamp.

You are a lost heart trying to escape the sunken grave.

You are the scent of mum’s baking pie, bubbling in the scorching oven.

You are a Phoenix trapped in his own ball of fire, sizzling in flames.

You are a fierce dragon, flying through the fiery sky above the now ghostly village.

You are the heart that beats faster than the ocean breeze.

You are a mirror that reflects my soul and beauty.

You are a vicious nerve pulling me away from excitement.

You are the memory of a heirloom, being passed through generations.

You are the impossibility of a nimble slug, talking cats and a scorching Antarctica.

You are an albino raven, flying through the atmosphere.

You are the feeling of the sun, shining like a diamond.

You are the lost slipper, thrown to the side of the road, with no one to fit.

You are the end of my poem, to settle in peace.





3 Responses to “What You Are by Roxy @Belmont”

  1. I love frosty frozen you cud ad you are a frosty frozen ice berg floating in the ocean

  2. Thank you, that is a very nice comment. I really like your idea of a frosty frozen ice berg floating in the ocean!
    From Roxie

  3. Your idea is so fantastic

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