You are…by George

You are an atomic asteroid ambling past the Earth at 200 kilometres per hour.

…a shining star brightening the dark and misty sky.

… a warm snow in winter with a cold sun lingering in the summer sky.

You are…

…an adventurous antique that holds many secrets beyond the Earth

…a humble, heroic hero flying through the midnight sky trying to arrest criminals.

…the aroma of stolen aftershave taken from the bathroom shelf.

You are…

…a juicy berry waiting to be picked for a potion.

…a legendary wizard laughing loudly.

… a plume of suspicious smoke like a dragon’s breath.





One Response to “You are…by George”

  1. Hello this is Arron from ChorleyStJames Primary school i really like you poem and i can tell you have thought hard about your words and sentences. My favourite is an adventurous antique that holds many secrets beyond the Earth. What is you’re favourite sentence?

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