You are… Ella

You are…

a cute poodle waiting to go for a long walk.

a silly starfish stranded on an insane island.

an old orange waiting for someone to eat you.

You are…

a shining bell ringing for attention.

a suspicious sausage smoking like a dragon’s breath

a Ferrari racing along a Formula One track.

You are…

a legendary lizard laughing away on a winter’s day.

an adventurous antique that holds many secrets beyond the Earth

a box waiting to be flattened.

You are…

the impossibility of snow on a summers day.

the memory of a day spent on the beach.

the calculation 11×12 waiting to be solved on a test paper.

One Response to “You are… Ella”

  1. Hi Ella. It’s Mr Clark from Chorley St James.
    1. I really liked all the alliteration that you used especially, ‘a silly starfish stranded on an insane island.’
    2. What made you choose the Ferrari as the car in the eighth line?
    3. I think the phrase ‘summers day’ needs an apostrophe. Do you know where it should go?

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