Drama school

Jade stomped into the classroom. The polished oak door flung open causing a loud THUMP as it crashed into the wall behind. As she stormed to the open seat at the front, she dug into her coal-black rucksack, pulling out every item she had and making a mess. Heads turned her direction and as a innocent girl leaned over to ask what the problem was, Jade swung her head to look at her and shouted “NO!” As she did so, she had built up in fury. After a while she had calmed down, she listened briefly to Mr Anthony because he was the only understanding person to her.

Andre, a young musician, slowly tip-toed in the slowly in the classroom, making it seem as though he was always there. “Andre, you were almost late!” spotted Mr Anthony with a very  surprised tone.

“I’m sorry!” he wailed,”My grandma forced me to show her how the internet works,” by this time he had melted into his seat with depression.

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