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Bill’s deadly encounter

Bill staggered down the creepy dark alleyway. He saw a mysterious figure tiptoeing towards him. Who was this person he thought to himself. Under a rock, Bill saw all the wildlife on their side and scared. As the unknown person came out of the fog Bill saw the person holding a knife. the rain was pouring down onto Bill’s face. He didn’t know if he would make it out alive.

The class of hell

Alex slammed into the door, rushed into the classroom and then leaped onto his seat. Soon after, he barked to Mrs Rogers ” I thought that the time to go into school was 9:10am ” exclaimed Alex mischievously.

Quietly, James tiptoed into the loud, busy classroom and stated “I’m sorry I’m late miss i missed the bus.” As he sat down Alex said that he was a loser and everyone laughed.

On the other hand, Bob enjoyed learning and took in everything Mrs Rogers was saying.


The big steak out

Jayden sneakily made his way around the ballroom, “sus character over here, no sign of the target though.”He spoke into the walkie-talkie.

Close by, Niko, his assistant, replied, “ok chief, I’ll keep a close eye on them!” She took a few drumsticks and munched on them. “There’s always time for food!”she shrugged.

Perched across the room, Addi rolled her eyes, mumbling, “I’m stuck in a room with a bunch of idiots… great.”

The confident boy

Aiden opened the door slightly to peek through, he thought What am I going to do,they already started the lesson! Ok I can do this! Aiden opened the door so nobody could hear him and slipped through then tripped over his laces.Everyone laughed a cruel mocking laugh, as he stood up and explained “Sorry for interrupting the lesson.” “Your late, don’t let it happen again.” complained Miss Hill

Suddenly, the door swung open hitting Aiden in the head, “HELLO EVERYONE!” yelled Patricia. Nobody replied, the room filled with silence.Everyone hated Patricia, she described herself as the “popular” girl.She glared down at Aiden with disgust,”Oh you…”Aiden stared back up at Patricia with fear “Oh hello Patricia….” “Your wasting my time…” Aiden replied in a confident voice “I think your wasting everyone’s time by interrupting the lesson.” Silence fell across the classroom, everyone was shocked to see someone that brave against Patricia. Suddenly the bell rang, “See you wasted their time”.


Gary stumbled through the forest trying to get to his scavenger camp which he was late for again. When he finally got there his guide wasn’t mad but asked Gary to try not to be late again like the last few times. “I will try not to be late again” reasured Gary.

“Do you know were Bob is?” questioned the guide

“No miss” replied Gary.

Gary walked into the camp space and sat down to join the lesson

All of a sudden, Bob ran into the room and said “sorry i’m late miss.”

“That’s ok” replied the guide

Bob sat down next to Gary and they started chatting straight away. They got told off a few times and Bob stopped talking because he didn’t want to get told of again but Gary didn’t care and kept on talking.

Bob told Gary to stop talking and he did. Then Lina looked there way.

Mysterious Cave

Joshua walked into the dark, crackling, wet cave. Suddenly, he heard a scratching sound sound coming from deep inside. He wanted to check it out so he walked further into it. He couldn’t see anything so he put his flashlight on. He could see the cave going on for miles . As he turned to his left he could see loads of scratches on the wall ,he froze in shock .Joshua heard breathing,he looked in front of him to see a brown yeti!!!!!!

The beach of doom

At the beach Logan lay on the sand with his feet in the water, when suddenly, the beach went dark and murky, clouds loomed above. Just then, a giant wave washed him into the now cold sea. He could see scattered rocks on the deadly beach. Frantically, he tried to swim back but the cold, rapid, current swept him away. What looked like a make shift raft was sailing over immense waves . Un owned. He scrambled onto the tatty, rotten, wood raft and hung on for his life. A colassal wave approached him, he knew what he had to do. Courageolsly,he stood up quivering with fear ,but then his legs stopped shaking, his teeth stopped chattering and his hands stopped sweating he felt brave and proud.

Drama school

Jade stomped into the classroom. The polished oak door flung open causing a loud THUMP as it crashed into the wall behind. As she stormed to the open seat at the front, she dug into her coal-black rucksack, pulling out every item she had and making a mess. Heads turned her direction and as a innocent girl leaned over to ask what the problem was, Jade swung her head to look at her and shouted “NO!” As she did so, she had built up in fury. After a while she had calmed down, she listened briefly to Mr Anthony because he was the only understanding person to her.

Andre, a young musician, slowly tip-toed in the slowly in the classroom, making it seem as though he was always there. “Andre, you were almost late!” spotted Mr Anthony with a very  surprised tone.

“I’m sorry!” he wailed,”My grandma forced me to show her how the internet works,” by this time he had melted into his seat with depression.

The Winter Tale

Cold bitter air scrapes

Against the mossy green house greeting

The neighbours in the morning .


Leaves graciously fall

Making a blanket keeping the earth warm

The wet bronze leaves crunch


The smell of roast turkey

It the air , people eating and smiling

At the end it gone

Autum is here

Twigs lay on the ground,

Leaves blown over paths of woods,

The majestic wind whistles,


Leaves cruch in mid air,

This is halloween season,

And back to school,


Birds speed away,

To hide away to keep warm,

As do other animals,


Summer has ended,

Autum has began latey,

Autum wakes Summer sleeps,


You have bonfire nights,

Halloween brings trick or treat,

Autum is now here