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what is…

What is cold?

A snow blizzard on a winter day at my grandma’s house.


What is still?

My mom’s big chinese lantern in my living room at the corner on a sunny day.


What is dirty?

My dad’s 1 pound that he gets after work at his and my mum’s chinese shop after he cleans.


What is wet?

My granddad’s path to my front door after it rains on a cloudy day at my grandma’s house at 3:21.


What is small?

My back garden has small crops for my dinner at 6:30 or 7:25.


What is medium?

My school’s fire extinguisher with a very large handle at the outside of my classroom.


What is spiky?

A hedgehog running around to protect himself from predetors who want to eat him.


What are smart?

My teacher at school and my dad’s computer.

The Abandoned Theme Park

Cautiously, Taian plodded around ‘Polus’ theme park. It was abandoned long ago and he knew he shouldn’t be there. The overgrowth and darkness made it impossible for him to see anything but silhouettes over five meters in front.

Wanting something more interesting to do, he paced towards the silhouette of a tall ride; it was designed to pull you up and drop you down at high speeds. It was appropriately named ‘The Dropship.’

The shaft was dented and slightly bent, but apart from that and the lack of safety features it looked secure As he approached, a metal floor board rattled and the ride kicked into life. Bewildered, he stumbled back but was pushed back on by a cold frail hand.

Taian screamed, louder than he thought was possible, but it was too late. The ride was already on the way up. he heard cackling and he thought it would be the last thing he ever heard. Then it dropped…

School chaos

Mabel gently opened the headmasters weighted door, as she watched her feet shuffle along the ragged carpet. The headmaster, Mr angry, had petite eyes, and a colossal nose. He watched her in disgrace.

A short time after, Bob slammed open the door and thundered in, then he sat down in a strop, he sulked as he slowly slithered down his chair, and eventually ended up laying on the floor.

What a friend

Jake run into the classroom and pushed the door quickly. The attantion was all his. He rushed downto his desk, took his notebook and  pencil out.He looked down so that he could’nt cath someone’s face or either eye. He was shy about being late to school. ”Sorry I’m late Mrs Carney,” he said softly.


Suddenly, after 10 minutes the door was pushed hardly once again.It was Harry, who threw his bag on the floor and his face looked like it was’nt his fault of being late.He was not even worried.

His explanation did not seem like truth. ”I would have been punctually but the bus was late, and there were four peaple in frot of me,” He said.


For Harry his not favourite lesson started which was Math.He looked at the board and Mrs Carney with a smile to show fascinated he is.But unfortunatly it was’nt true. Harry is a type of peaple not shy like Jake.He even cheat’s on tests sometimes or disturbes the teacher. It was test time; ” Jake,what’s the answer for question three? Jake?!” Harry whispered to Jake. It was like this every time but this time Jake ignored Harry, ”Stop it I won’t tell you,” Jake quickly replaiad. Mrs Carney heard Jake talk to Harry so she took him to princible’s office.He tried to explain it Harry’s fault but the princeble would not believe. And it was just because of his friend.

Bear Disaster

Tom enthusiastically rushed into the woods and pounced  on the tree stump where they had decided to meet at 12 sharp. He decided to climb some trees while he was waiting but after five minutes she still hadn’t come. He climbed for a little bit longer before starting to find her in the dense of the woods. “Hello, anyone there ! ” ” Are you there, Sapphire ?”

“Tom, is that you ?” whispered Sapphire,while she reluctantly tiptoed over to the voice.She found Tom and followed him to the abandoned circus. “Are you sure this is safe ?” Sapphire said ” My nerves have overcome me . ” 

” Come on scaredy-cat, we don’t have to do it if you are to scared. ” scoffed Tom.

” No , I will do it ” Sapphire said in embarrassment .  

Sapphire frantically opened the cage with a bunch of doubt and fear holding her down like a paper weight but unexpectedly to see there was no bear found. “See there is no bear , come on let’s go ”

Suddenly a bear leaped behind her, growling at the frightened child. Sapphire screamed in terror as the bear pounced at her. Could she survive ? Suddenly , her balance broke and she fell, falling down the waterfall which was rumored to be bottomless. Sapphire looked up to the high ground and closed her eyes, falling into the eternal darkness.

Contrasting Characters

“Why hello there!” Tina cried as she twirled her way into the classroom. She slung her bag onto her peg and began to juggle her water bottle and stationary pack. Everyone gawped as Mr Higgins, clearly annoyed, told her to sit down. She slumped into her seat, disappointed that the fun was ruined.

A moment later, Lilly – who sat next to Tina – was asked to answer a question. Turning bright pink, Lilly whispered an answer which Tina blurted out so everyone could hear.”Well done!” Mr Higgins exclaimed, knowing Lilly and Tina’s tactic.

“Why don’t you ever answer yourself?” Billy teased. His friends, who were more like followers, giggled hysterically. “Shut up!” Tina barked. “That’s enough,” Mr Higgins said calmly but Billy still glared menacingly at Lilly whenever he got the chance.

late for school

Jacob was late for school and the teacher was doing the register. He sneakily tried to slip into his seat, but old hawk eye spotted him. “Sorry, miss” he mumbled. Shaking with fear.

Vincant fell out of his bed waking him up with a shock at 8 am.  He has 25 minuets to get ready for school as fast as he could, before he reached the limit. He tried to open the door, but he missed it and smashed face first in to the door, opening it wide, and falling to the ground. He got back up but dropped his phone,and broke it.

class room humor.

Jeff slowly creaked open the door and slowly slid into his chair unnoticed.

soon after bob was outside the door bumping into it thinking it was locked he pushed his face up against the glass ‘ HeLlo cAn soMe OnE OpEn tHe dOor ?’ as he tried to nock on the door the cuff of his jumper got caut on the door handle and flinging it open face planting on the carpet and using his feet scooting his face to his chair.