Bear Disaster

Tom enthusiastically rushed into the woods and pounced  on the tree stump where they had decided to meet at 12 sharp. He decided to climb some trees while he was waiting but after five minutes she still hadn’t come. He climbed for a little bit longer before starting to find her in the dense of the woods. “Hello, anyone there ! ” ” Are you there, Sapphire ?”

“Tom, is that you ?” whispered Sapphire,while she reluctantly tiptoed over to the voice.She found Tom and followed him to the abandoned circus. “Are you sure this is safe ?” Sapphire said ” My nerves have overcome me . ” 

” Come on scaredy-cat, we don’t have to do it if you are to scared. ” scoffed Tom.

” No , I will do it ” Sapphire said in embarrassment .  

Sapphire frantically opened the cage with a bunch of doubt and fear holding her down like a paper weight but unexpectedly to see there was no bear found. “See there is no bear , come on let’s go ”

Suddenly a bear leaped behind her, growling at the frightened child. Sapphire screamed in terror as the bear pounced at her. Could she survive ? Suddenly , her balance broke and she fell, falling down the waterfall which was rumored to be bottomless. Sapphire looked up to the high ground and closed her eyes, falling into the eternal darkness.

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  1. Well done I really enjoyed reading this

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