What a friend

Jake run into the classroom and pushed the door quickly. The attantion was all his. He rushed downto his desk, took his notebook and  pencil out.He looked down so that he could’nt cath someone’s face or either eye. He was shy about being late to school. ”Sorry I’m late Mrs Carney,” he said softly.


Suddenly, after 10 minutes the door was pushed hardly once again.It was Harry, who threw his bag on the floor and his face looked like it was’nt his fault of being late.He was not even worried.

His explanation did not seem like truth. ”I would have been punctually but the bus was late, and there were four peaple in frot of me,” He said.


For Harry his not favourite lesson started which was Math.He looked at the board and Mrs Carney with a smile to show fascinated he is.But unfortunatly it was’nt true. Harry is a type of peaple not shy like Jake.He even cheat’s on tests sometimes or disturbes the teacher. It was test time; ” Jake,what’s the answer for question three? Jake?!” Harry whispered to Jake. It was like this every time but this time Jake ignored Harry, ”Stop it I won’t tell you,” Jake quickly replaiad. Mrs Carney heard Jake talk to Harry so she took him to princible’s office.He tried to explain it Harry’s fault but the princeble would not believe. And it was just because of his friend.

4 Responses to “What a friend”

  1. I liked the story, but maybe look at your spelling.

  2. I like the part when Harry threw his back pretending it wasn’t him that was late.could you tell me more about jake?Next time remember to tell more about jake and not Harry?

  3. Hello great job this amazing but this sentance as 2 mistakes he could’nt cath someone’s face or either eye.

  4. Hello Aleksandra! I really love the idea for this piece of writing. As Jake and Harry are very common names, it gives the effect that it is like a normal life. Maybe just check the spelling? I hope I don’t sound rude but I will point out the spelling and write them correctly so you know next time!!!
    downto=down to
    But otherwise, it is an amazing piece of work!!!

    Well done,
    Magda – Sacred Heart

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