The confident boy

Aiden opened the door slightly to peek through, he thought What am I going to do,they already started the lesson! Ok I can do this! Aiden opened the door so nobody could hear him and slipped through then tripped over his laces.Everyone laughed a cruel mocking laugh, as he stood up and explained “Sorry for interrupting the lesson.” “Your late, don’t let it happen again.” complained Miss Hill

Suddenly, the door swung open hitting Aiden in the head, “HELLO EVERYONE!” yelled Patricia. Nobody replied, the room filled with silence.Everyone hated Patricia, she described herself as the “popular” girl.She glared down at Aiden with disgust,”Oh you…”Aiden stared back up at Patricia with fear “Oh hello Patricia….” “Your wasting my time…” Aiden replied in a confident voice “I think your wasting everyone’s time by interrupting the lesson.” Silence fell across the classroom, everyone was shocked to see someone that brave against Patricia. Suddenly the bell rang, “See you wasted their time”.

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